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Food Court at 5th Floor
Food court is the place of attraction to those who want to have the taste of life - full of gaiety, mirth and joviality. The sights and smells from a dozen or more min-kitchens will surely make you hungry and tickle your nostrils to have the taste of different items of foods.

Food Outlets at Level 1 to 4th Floor
Basically, your every craving and whim can be appeased here. You could choose to have meal with music and drink or a light healthy snack. You have also the option of taking out to feast on later, but the tempting aromas will make you want to break open the sensible packaging and devour the contents long before you get even close to home.

In this area you will find dozens of cafes, bakeries and fast food outlets, as well as canteen-style eating area, Here you can choose from ice-cream, desserts or mid afternoon (or any time) snacks with a cup of your favorite pick-me-up beverage. This is more the spot to stop by for a break between shopping for shoppers or on your way to the cinema, than a place to spend hours carving your way through a meal.

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